Cool Art Ideas For Walls, DIY Wall Art, Inspiring Works You Can Create

Sometimes we just get used to looking at a blank wall, this post is to help inspire you and me for cool art ideas for walls.  There is a blank space over my telly needs a little love and I need a little inspiration as to what is possible. 

Cool art ideas, perhaps it would be better to make this on a board and then place on wall, thread, string and nails.

Letters make a bold statement.

Nail String Letters

Cool letters with lights

Wall art from reclaimed wood

This is probably not one I can make but I had to include it as so inspiring.

Made in 3d from paper, could be made from recycled magazines .

3d Wall Art Made with wood, recycled magazines and pieces of wall paper.

 Nuts and bolts wall art

  Magazine Wall Art

Might Need a big wall for this one..

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Cool Art Ideas For Walls 
Metal Wall Art

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