Street Art London - Amazballs,,,,,

For me street art is the ultimate way to upcycle walls and bring streets to life.  Islington London is an amazing artsy, fun vibrant place full of surprises, quirky markets, craft fairs and stunning street, hope you love as much as we did.

 The one above was photo seriously,,,,love it,,,

Thanks to street artists,  I don't know the names of the street artist, and will be happy to include links to sites or facebook, please email me at

Recycled Mattress Springs - Snowmen

Although time consuming, seriously long time, taking the springs from a mattress, it is worth it.  As I keep dabbling with the mattress springs more ideas flow, in the process of making a mattress chandelier it evolved in to snowmen, stars and fun.  See what you think. 

As before I held the springs together with copper wire, hope you inspired to do stuff as that is where the joy is, in the doing, does not have to be amazing it is what you feel when doing it.  

All these projects are great to do with a few friends, kids, or who ever would like to get lost in the now.

Really loved making these, be inspired.

Recycle Magazines, Cool Ideas To Create Art Upcycling Paper

I like this idea as anyone can create something beautiful with recycling magazines.  Carers, Kids, Seniors, Art therapy, it is a really cool way to get people involved in group projects.  

Although the objective is to create art and recycle magazines, something else happens when we individually or as a group create art, a flow happens, a shift in consciousness, a bond is formed and happiness is expressed.    When we switch over from trying to enjoying we connect on another level and every one feels the unity.  

The key is to start, does not matter if you have no ideas how to do anything, or what you want, let it evolve.  get a few people over, brainstorm.  Start creating.

The following images are bits of board from the back of a wardrobe, ends of paint and rolled up newspapers.  

Painted the boards, and layered the rolled up recycled magazines to create a scene or an image.  

Paper Mache Art - Paper Mache Painting,

My Mam gets newspapers every day, I wished to find a way to  upcycle them to create paper mace art.  This is one idea, I made paper mace painting, mixing torn pieces of paper in to shapes on a old canvas I had.

The idea was to create a mermaid.

Upcycled Mattress Springs Creates Funky Lampshades,,,

Make funky lampshades from upcycled mattress springs.  In my shed was an old mattress, I wanted to upcycle it, So this is what I did.  Removed the fabric covering, underneath was a layer of horse hair, which is good for lining for hanging baskets, ( Waste Nothing ), the springs were knitted together with long springs.  Now I won't lie, it was time consuming and sometime a little monotonous unraveling the inter-joined springs, but I got there. I made lampshade from the small springs and will make some kind of functional structure from the longer ones.

I used copper wire to join the mattress springs  together.  Copper wire is from old jump leads, I wanted to join the springs together with something that would be fire resistant.

What I used,
Copper Wire
Mattress Springs
Christmas Fairy Lights
Old Lampshade Stand.


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