Bottle Ideas-Upcyclng Ideas For Wine Bottles- Jars - Beer Bottles-

Every few weeks I find I have a collection of beer bottles, jars and wine bottles.  Sometimes the bottles are beautiful, I find it difficult to bring these to the recycle bank when there is a possibility to transform them in to functional practical items.  Here are a selection of ideas on line, thanks to all who share there work on line so we can be inspired.

Great idea for the garden, some  ideas could be used to inspire a home based business.

Garden Designs Bottle Ideas

Jack Daniels Upcycled Bottle

Dress your dinner table in style

Wind Chimes Made With Upcycled Bottles

Add spray, texture and detail....

Bottle Shelves 

Flaux Stained Glass Bottle 

Stained Glass Bottles

Glass Bottle Wall In A Cob House


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