Recycled Crafts For Kids

Recycled crafts for kids tick all the boxes. Keep kids entertained for hours, happy and busy using their minds and hands to create something new and beautiful from old stuff.

Felting and kniting, easy to do and is guatanteed too keep kids and you happy.  

Indian headdress, made from scrap pieces of wool and felt. 

Upcycle Milk Cartons.

Recycle crayons @ Moms go Green 

  1.         Remove paper from old broken crayons.
  2.         Add broken pieces to bun cases, place in oven tray and bake for 15 mins @ 225 degrees.
  3.         Allow to cool and hey presto, cool crayons.

Egg carton flowers, idea thanks to Sonya Nimri.  Egg cartons are probably one of the easiest recycle crafts for kids.  Easy to work with and find, with a little imagination, transform them in to flowers, lights, as seed planters and anything else you can dream.

Carbboard boxes, cereal boxes and old milk cartons can create circus, zoo and farm animals Mr Printables 

Cardboard made from cereal carton, toilet roll holder and sticky tape. @ Looledo

Just a box, and great imagination.  Thanks all @ Hinternat

Robots made from tin can, too cool, fun to create and perfect recycle craft ideas for kids. Lucky Boy

Rock on, great way to keep kids busy for hours recycling the garden stones to monsters, they could sell these too.

Make puppets

Recyled sock puppet, I know we all made these as kids.  Sometimes we just need a reminder to have fun from the simple things.  Craft Jr.

Coloured water, plastic bottles and a ball.  Instantly add fun and creativity to all kids partys.

Bird feeder @ Organic Valley

Wool ornaments for decorating. @ Circul Magic

Lolly pop sticks, an oldie and still a goodie.Color Conceptions.


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