DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas,Upcycled Out Door Furniture Ideas

Get out and get that garden beautiful with fantastic diy outdoor furniture ideas, upcycled furniture ideas and much more.  ;))

Stunning range of eco friendly outdoor furniture created and inspired at Canvaschic.

Created by Tom Ballinger at Upcycled Garden Style a unique and quirkey way to use up old jeans, tie legs with string and line with bin liners, fill with soil.  To reinfourse leg strength, place bamboo poles to support.  Plant grasses or what ever you like, stunning.....

Cement block planters, novel way to add height and structure to planting display, Entrapped Spaces

Recycle all those old wine bottles and create a beautiful garden wall, create holes using a diamond drill bit, and create your own design.  Up Cycled Garden Style

Pallet garden furniture, is a great eco friendly way to create diy out door furniture that will also be a conversational piece.  Zodio 

Did you ever think pallets could be so versatile, more inventive ideas from Follow Pics. 

 Garden furniture made from sleepers, use new sleepers or old salvadges ones,

Too Cool, bath tubs turned in to contemporary garden furniture, Tumble.

Garden furniture made from skiis.  Snow Shack

Custom design chairs with golf clubs. I Design Arch

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