How To Make A Lamp, DIY Lamps For Kids And Big Kids

Step by step guide on how to make a lamp, I created this diy lamp the other day, and took photos of the process, so hopefully you can follow them and be inspired to make your own lamp.

Paper mached a toy digger, added a light fitting and an old toy gets a new  lease of life. 

Tools and Supplies Needed

Old magazines, or  old annual or newspaper.
Digger. (Toy
Wall paper paste
Light fitting ( I used an under counter lamp because it does not become too hot and melt plastic)
Needle and thread. (You'll see why)
Music ;)

First, make a cup of tea, relax and enjoy, this is a labour of love, enjoy.

When you see how easy it is to transform old toys and house hold objects with paper mache you will be a paper mache fanatic..

The options a endless.  Paper mache shelves, furniture, boxes, glass jars, garden furniture, what ever, seal with varnish for a long lasting durable finish.  It a wow.

Second, drill holes to feed the cable through.

 Feed cable through,  bulb in bucket.

 It was a little tricky getting the wire to feed through the arms of the digger. To guide the cable, tie thread to end, I used a needle as a weight to guild the thread through the drilled holes.

When the two wires were visible through the hole, grasp with pliers.

When cable is in place, mix wall paper paste and add paper.
 Helper is optional. 

 Paste paper to digger.

 Allow to dry. Add plug.

The End.

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