Recycle Crafts, Amazing Recycle Crafts Ideas To Start Today

Recycle crafts, spend hours transforming old unwanted and unloved items.  No need to go out to buy materials and crafts to make at home.  You will find a treasure trove of objects at home.  Once you get in the creative flow you will never be able to look at a broken or used up item again with out seeing the potential in it.  Old socks, furniture, lightbulbs, tins, the list is endless of good which can be used for recycle crafts. 

Like wine? good...The following will transform the way you look at a cork......

Create with cork....

Celebration Chandelier
Maybe a little more difficult to recreate this chandelier light made from champers corks.  

 Painted Stones
Add fun to the garden.  Painted stones are a great way to add colour to winter gardens.

Dreaming Bear Designs

Sand Bowl
Mix sand with an adhesive and allow to drip over a bowl or solid form, really cooooollll...

Paper Roses
Beautiful twist on artificial flowers, the reason these flowers make such an impact is because they are made with love.   

What can be done with string.  

Inflate balloons, dip string in adhesive, wrap around balloons, allow dry and let air out of balloons.


Paper Mache Art
Upcycle magazines, newspapers, old school books, cut or tear up pieces, mix with floor and water or wall paper paste and give an instant "facelift" to any objects.

Revamp old frames, tables, chairs, shelves, doors, the list is endless.  It is one of the oldests, simplist and really effective ways to revamp objects.

Dip the paper in floor mixture or wall paper paste, drape over bowls and allow to dry.....simple as that.
The wall paper paste usually keeps the colours of the paper used more vibrant.

Paper Mache Chair
Based on the concept of an egg, which is one of the worlds strongest froms.  The chair is 18 layers of paper deep and small reinforcement pieces.

The Newspaper Chair and the Tetra Pak Lamps below are from Masif Designs.

Woolie Jumpers
Forget knitting jumpers, knit lamp shades....Another way is to redesign worn out out unfashionable jumpers and create stunning shabby chic, lampshades and cussions.

More Sweaters
Make sweater totes, simple to make, functional and an eyecatching fashion statement..

Plastic Bags Basket.
A diy recycled craft project that will take a little but the end results are spectacular.  Colourful, fun to create and use.  Needle and thread, sissors, plastic bags rolled up in to cylinders and bob's your uncle.......


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