Cool Lamp Ideas - Transform Mood - Create Cool Spaces With Cool Lamps

Looking for cool lamp ideas? Creative lighting will instantly transform your living space.  Funky Lamps, lampshades will add an extra dimension.  Making a lamp from recycled materials is theraputic and satisfying.  Here are some amazing cool lamp ideas for inspiration.

Made from hangers.


Made with bicycle parts

Creative lamps ..

Made from skate Boards

Made from furniture, probably a little large for most homes, inspiring all the same.

Scrap wood and creative lampshade

Recycled Lighting

Creative Sculptures From Recycled Stuff

Amazing collection of creative sculptures from recycled stuff.  Fantastic ideas for turning junk to wonderful imaginative sculptures.

As soon as I started looking for creative sculptures for this post I felt imediatly inspiried and in awe of the artist who have create the sculptures, hope you feel the same.

Creative sculptures from recycled stuff

Creative sculptures made from car parts

Art from trolleys

Made from red bull cans

Made from CDS

 Birds made from junk 


Recycled cell phones

Metal Wall Art  
Welding Art  

Recycling Ideas For Furniture- Unique ideas To Transform your Home

Cool recycling ideas for furniture.  Whether it is old furniture that has lost its luster, furniture from flea markets which you would like inspiration to revamp, and ideas recycling furniture.  Enjoy.

Recycling car parts and wood for table

Recycled 1930s cooker base,,,,soooo cool

Bicycle Table

Pallets make great recycled furniture

Recycling canoes

Car Parts

 Shelves made from recycled books

Ideas For Upcycling Furniture- Quirky Furniture Ideas

Quirky ideas for upcycling furniture. Make furniture from random items, make your home a reflection of your creative spirit.

Chair made from trash cans

Chairs made from guitars

Guitar parts ideas for upcycling furniture

Table made from sticks

Table Made From Bottles

 Bottle tables

Table made with bottle tops

Table made with tires

Upcycled dresser

DIY Dog Bed

Upcycling Furniture
Upcycled Furniture
Diy Outdoor Furniture
Diy Furniture

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Outdoor halloween decorations, the time of year where we can let our darker selves out. 

 Have fun being creative with the outside space this halloween.  Fantastic ideas from around the world to inspire your ghoulish creations.

Adding halloween to your pond, crazy halloween decorations.

Stockings with water balloons and glow sticks

I know this is not out side but you see the mummy from the outside.

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