Creative Sculptures From Recycled Stuff

Amazing collection of creative sculptures from recycled stuff.  Fantastic ideas for turning junk to wonderful imaginative sculptures.

As soon as I started looking for creative sculptures for this post I felt imediatly inspiried and in awe of the artist who have create the sculptures, hope you feel the same.

Creative sculptures from recycled stuff

Creative sculptures made from car parts

Art from trolleys

Made from red bull cans

Made from CDS

 Birds made from junk 


Recycled cell phones

Metal Wall Art  
Welding Art  


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  9. Artists are creating amazing sculptures from recycled materials, such as old car parts, scrap metal, and plastic bottles. Need to follow this local concrete driveway contractors and learn more new ways for concrete. These unique pieces are not only visually stunning, but also promote sustainability and environmental awareness by showing how trash can be transformed into art.


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