How To Make Pancakes From Scratch

Want to know how to make pancakes from scratch?  This recipe we have used for years and makes the tastiest pancakes.  

From the time my son was 8, he was making these pancakes himself.  Easy to follow recipe will have you making pancakes from scratch from now on.  It is  quicker than "mixes" and soooooooooo tasty. 

Here ya go on how to make pancakes from scratch.

What you need, 

2 oz butter melted ( we use salted butter)
4 oz of flour
8 oz of milk
1 egg
pinch of salt
Extra butter for pan to cook.

Mix flour, milk egg  and salt in bowl, stir in melted butter and allow to sit for few minutes.
Heat pancake pan with knob of butter  melted covering the base, when hot, pour in some pancake mix allow to spread out.   
When underneath is cooked turn the pancake, When cooked turn on to plate, add lemon and sugar, nutella, or what ever you like on your pancakes.. 
Melt knob of butter and repeat till the pancake mixture is gone.
Tip.  I usually find the first pancake does not turn out as nicely cooked as the others,,,,or maybe that just me...

Hope you enjoy.

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