How To Make Mashed Potatoes From Scratch

This is a kind of random post for me, how to make mashed potatoes from scratch. 

 If  you think mushing up a few boiled potatoes with butter and milk is it ,,,,think again.....:)

This is a recipe I have used for years....there is a secret to it also....

You will need 

3lb of boiling potatoes
Salt 2 teaspoons
3oz of butter
4-6 oz full fat milk 
4-6 oz boiling water

Peel potatoes, wash, cut in to equal size pieces, add to saucepan with salt, cover with water,  bring to boil and biol till tender.  When tender  place in colander, drain and leave to sit to remove excess water and steam.  Place back in saucepan and mash the potatoes.

Heat the milk and melt butter, add slowly while mashing potatoes.  
Now this is important and the secret of beautiful fluffy mashed potatoes, add boiling water and continue to mash potatoes, just add enough to get a creamy light fluffy consistency.  Add salt to season, 100 the best mashed potatoes ever.

Play around with quantities of milk, butter and water to get the taste you love,

That is it for me and how to make mashed potatoes from scratch, I know you will LOVE them.

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