Upcycle Ideas To Sell, Random Ideas To Inspire

Upcycle ideas  to sell, ranging in complexity, from easy peasy, anyone could do, to ... 'Gob smacked', how did they think of creating that,...

  Diy wedding bouquet, there are many brides who love alternative ideas for their wedding, custom made bouquets made with love to suit each bride made from upcycled and recycled materials.

Paper roses made from upcycled music sheets.


Wedding bouquets made from recycled materials are becoming fashionable.


Wines bottles are easy to find and make great wind chimes, lights, glasses, etc.


Wine bottles as candle holders


Chimes made from recycled bottles


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Bottle Wall Art  
Upcycle Glass Bottles  

Coins made in to rings, great upcycle idea to sell, find a coin with an important date and make ring to mark occasion.


Turn jars in to lights, decorate old jars, mason jars, mayo glass jars and light some tea lights.  Beautiful...


Garland lights made from upcycled objects.  Creating garland lighting with random objects, the list of possibility are endless...


Cool lampshades made from string.


Wreaths Made From Paper Roses

Flowers made from recycled materials could be a profitable upcycle idea to sell, as hospitals do not allow fresh flowers. Make paper flowers or bouquets from upcycled materials for births, operations, to post, as keep sakes.    



Wedding favors, place settings, and decorations.



Made from paper clips


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