Cheap Wall Art - Amazing Wall Art Ideas For Transformation

Transform your home today with cheap wall art.  A little imagination and a little inspiration can create stunning art for walls and living spaces.  

Make a statement grouping pictures together, block colors create more impact.

 Love this image, the link was broken, please let me know who this image belongs to and I will happily link to their page.:))

This is genius, the shadow creates the words on the wall,,,, 

Shadow wall art is stratagey for creating cheap wall art which packs a bang.  Unreal,,,,,

 Really cool wall art, build a box frame and fill with branches.

Reclaimed wood wall art

Love this,  a class project painting birds on reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood art

 Reclaimed wood, candles and cutlery.....

Check out Metal Wall Art 
Cool Art Ideas For Wall  

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