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Looking for creative and imaginative book planter ideas?  Alot of people put in book planter ideas in the search bar in google and find my site.   

Soooooo,,,, in honor of all those people looking for amazing random book planter ideas, I created this post for you.  And in fairness I love to look for random ideas for inspiration my self, a win win situation.

Layer up those old annuals, comic books and hard covered books.

Book planter with round not square cutout, simple changes can create massive difference.

 Book centerpiece.

Book Plant Pot

Plant Pot Made From Books

Manga Farming,
Concept from  Koshi Kawachi, place manga book upright on a dish, sprinkle seeds, place in airy dry sunny place and watch them grow.  Amazing idea for kids or anyone to connect with nature and beauty.


Book Planter

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