Book Planter Ideas - Create Stunning Book Planters - Inspiring Random Book Ideas

Looking for creative and imaginative book planter ideas?  Alot of people put in book planter ideas in the search bar in google and find my site.   

Soooooo,,,, in honor of all those people looking for amazing random book planter ideas, I created this post for you.  And in fairness I love to look for random ideas for inspiration my self, a win win situation.

Layer up those old annuals, comic books and hard covered books.

Book planter with round not square cutout, simple changes can create massive difference.

 Book centerpiece.

Book Plant Pot

Plant Pot Made From Books

Manga Farming,
Concept from  Koshi Kawachi, place manga book upright on a dish, sprinkle seeds, place in airy dry sunny place and watch them grow.  Amazing idea for kids or anyone to connect with nature and beauty.


Book Planter

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Wire Art, Stones, Barbed Wire-Fab Funky Random Designs To Tickle The Imagination

Amazing wire art with stones, creative designs that will get those creative juices flowing.  People are so creative it is a pleasure searching online for ideas to share on this blog.  

Love these stone wire art cows.

Cool wire art lamps.

Wire art gate 

Cute wire art 

Wire people 

Wire snails,,,,sooooooo cute,,,  

Never look at the kitchen strainer in the same light again,,  

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Scrap Metal Yard Art - Scrap Metal Recycling Ideas

Fab scrap metal yard art ideas, create funky garden art with amazing scrap metal recycling ideas. 

 Made from shovels, springs, tools, spanners and anything else that looks the part.  Not only are these ideas inspiring, they will put a smile on your face, and isn't that what its all about.  

Made with horse shoes, shovel, discs.

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Cheap Wall Art - Amazing Wall Art Ideas For Transformation

Transform your home today with cheap wall art.  A little imagination and a little inspiration can create stunning art for walls and living spaces.  

Make a statement grouping pictures together, block colors create more impact.

 Love this image, the link was broken, please let me know who this image belongs to and I will happily link to their page.:))

This is genius, the shadow creates the words on the wall,,,, 

Shadow wall art is stratagey for creating cheap wall art which packs a bang.  Unreal,,,,,

 Really cool wall art, build a box frame and fill with branches.

Reclaimed wood wall art

Love this,  a class project painting birds on reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood art

 Reclaimed wood, candles and cutlery.....

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Metal Wall Art- Inventive Recycle Upcycle Wall Art

Metal wall art will add life and style to your space.  Searching online for ideas to inspire me for my living room, I was sooooo impressed with the quirkey ideas people have for creating metal wall art. 

 Here are my findings enjoy.

Really cool way to recycle bottle lids for metal wall art.

Cool metal wall art

Recycled Metal Wall Art

Recycled wall art masks

Metal Heart

Steampunk Metal Art For Walls


Coins Mounted on Black Frame

Wire Wall Art

 Scrap Metal Wall Art

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