Unbelieveable Wire Sculptures-The Infinite Posibilities of Wire Sculptures

If you are looking for a medium to explore sculpture, wire is an option that will allow you to create what you want in a reasonable amount of time.   

The trick is to find a medium that suits your needs of expression.  The other day I found a roll of copper wire, which inspired this post, as I was searching on line for ideas, I came across the most magical and inspirational designs. 

 I just love when your find stuff that speaks to your soul.  Some of the pieces here are unbelievably stunning creative and imaginative.

I hope you are as impressed as I am

Fantasy Fairys are created by a guy in Staffordshire England, I see his picture but no name .... his website is http://www.fantasywire.co.uk

His creations speak for themselves, pure magic

 Thanks to http://www.fantasywire.co.uk

Not as detailed but cute and something maybe kids would enjoy.


Woman sculpture made from wire and scrap metal


Found the next wire sculpture on Thisiscolossal.com imaginative creations which capture the translucent qualities and fleeting nature of life revealed in form which is ever changing.

The artist is Tomohiro Inaba

Wire sculpture that could be pencil drawing,

Seung Mo Park.......Korean artist amazing.  


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