Christmas Trees Made From Recycled Materials - A-wowser,,,,,

Tis the festive time of year again.  As I wish to make an upcycled christmas again, time to look for ideas to inspire me for Christmas trees made from recycled materials. 

As always I want to share what I find as people are so inspirational with random wacky ideas to make Christmas stunning. 

Christmas trees made from clothes hangers

 Christmas tree made from grape vine

Christmas tree made from chicken wire

Christmas tree made from jewellery 


Made from drift wood..


Christmas tree made from wheels

Christmas tree made from bikes

Paper mache tree for Christmas


Christmas tree made from books

This tree is designed for cats to have a good Christmas cute,.....

Quirky alternative Christmas tree

Christmas trees made from ties


A Knitted Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made from recycled bottles

Antler Christmas Tree

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