Decorations For Christmas Ideas - Recycle -Upcycle Reuse Repurpose

Christmas is one of the best times of years to let your self go wild and have fun.  Decorations for Christmas made from recycled, upcycled and reused items will make your home as individual as you and your family.   

You will be blown away at how easy it is to create a home  made Christmas, what makes it special is that everything is made with love and care, like your family. ;)

Bunting made from old Christmas card, fabrics.



Christmas trees made from magazines folded and sprayed with glitter, Me and my Mam made ones like these last year, will chatting at kitchen table, they are simple to do and look amazing.

Polish stars are beautiful, easy to  make from recycled magazines. 
They look so good you will want to keep them around for the rest of year too.

Happy little christmas snowman made from old socks


Quirky Rudolf decoration made from jig saw pieces

Paper mache is great way for creating structures, Rudolf is made with paper mache

Angel made from jig saw piece

Angel made from horse shoes

Snowflakes ,,,,,

Made with pine cones



Christmas Trees Made From Recycled Materials - A-wowser,,,,,

Tis the festive time of year again.  As I wish to make an upcycled christmas again, time to look for ideas to inspire me for Christmas trees made from recycled materials. 

As always I want to share what I find as people are so inspirational with random wacky ideas to make Christmas stunning. 

Christmas trees made from clothes hangers

 Christmas tree made from grape vine

Christmas tree made from chicken wire

Christmas tree made from jewellery 


Made from drift wood..


Christmas tree made from wheels

Christmas tree made from bikes

Paper mache tree for Christmas


Christmas tree made from books

This tree is designed for cats to have a good Christmas cute,.....

Quirky alternative Christmas tree

Christmas trees made from ties


A Knitted Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made from recycled bottles

Antler Christmas Tree

Street Art London - Amazballs,,,,,

For me street art is the ultimate way to upcycle walls and bring streets to life.  Islington London is an amazing artsy, fun vibrant place full of surprises, quirky markets, craft fairs and stunning street, hope you love as much as we did.

 The one above was photo seriously,,,,love it,,,

Thanks to street artists,  I don't know the names of the street artist, and will be happy to include links to sites or facebook, please email me at
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