Upcycled Mattress Springs Creates Funky Lampshades,,,

Make funky lampshades from upcycled mattress springs.  In my shed was an old mattress, I wanted to upcycle it, So this is what I did.  Removed the fabric covering, underneath was a layer of horse hair, which is good for lining for hanging baskets, ( Waste Nothing ), the springs were knitted together with long springs.  Now I won't lie, it was time consuming and sometime a little monotonous unraveling the inter-joined springs, but I got there. I made lampshade from the small springs and will make some kind of functional structure from the longer ones.

I used copper wire to join the mattress springs  together.  Copper wire is from old jump leads, I wanted to join the springs together with something that would be fire resistant.

What I used,
Copper Wire
Mattress Springs
Christmas Fairy Lights
Old Lampshade Stand.


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  2. This is fantastic and inspiring. I have some chair springs I've had for ages and know they could be upcycled somehow.

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