Recycle Magazines, Cool Ideas To Create Art Upcycling Paper

I like this idea as anyone can create something beautiful with recycling magazines.  Carers, Kids, Seniors, Art therapy, it is a really cool way to get people involved in group projects.  

Although the objective is to create art and recycle magazines, something else happens when we individually or as a group create art, a flow happens, a shift in consciousness, a bond is formed and happiness is expressed.    When we switch over from trying to enjoying we connect on another level and every one feels the unity.  

The key is to start, does not matter if you have no ideas how to do anything, or what you want, let it evolve.  get a few people over, brainstorm.  Start creating.

The following images are bits of board from the back of a wardrobe, ends of paint and rolled up newspapers.  

Painted the boards, and layered the rolled up recycled magazines to create a scene or an image.  

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