Recycle Magazines, Cool Ideas To Create Art Upcycling Paper

I like this idea as anyone can create something beautiful with recycling magazines.  Carers, Kids, Seniors, Art therapy, it is a really cool way to get people involved in group projects.  

Although the objective is to create art and recycle magazines, something else happens when we individually or as a group create art, a flow happens, a shift in consciousness, a bond is formed and happiness is expressed.    When we switch over from trying to enjoying we connect on another level and every one feels the unity.  

The key is to start, does not matter if you have no ideas how to do anything, or what you want, let it evolve.  get a few people over, brainstorm.  Start creating.

The following images are bits of board from the back of a wardrobe, ends of paint and rolled up newspapers.  

Painted the boards, and layered the rolled up recycled magazines to create a scene or an image.  

Paper Mache Art - Paper Mache Painting,

My Mam gets newspapers every day, I wished to find a way to  upcycle them to create paper mace art.  

This is one idea, I made paper mace painting, mixing torn pieces of paper in to shapes on a old canvas I had.

The idea was to create a mermaid.

Upcycled Mattress Springs Creates Funky Lampshades,,,

Make funky lampshades from upcycled mattress springs.  In my shed was an old mattress, I wanted to upcycle it, So this is what I did.  Removed the fabric covering, underneath was a layer of horse hair, which is good for lining for hanging baskets, ( Waste Nothing ), the springs were knitted together with long springs.  Now I won't lie, it was time consuming and sometime a little monotonous unraveling the inter-joined springs, but I got there. I made lampshade from the small springs and will make some kind of functional structure from the longer ones.

I used copper wire to join the mattress springs  together.  Copper wire is from old jump leads, I wanted to join the springs together with something that would be fire resistant.

What I used,
Copper Wire
Mattress Springs
Christmas Fairy Lights
Old Lampshade Stand.

Street Art - Really Cool Street Art In Athens

Athens has an abundance of beauty, the people, the vibe, the islands, the food, the buildings, the life, the culture and history.  Strolling through the street we found amazing street art which injected life and soul into shabby buildings.  

Here we have some on the pictures of the fab art, I do not know the artists so if your work is presented here please let me know and I will link back to your website,  and Thank You.

Vintage Lampshades + Random Street = Amazing Dot Com

On holiday in Greece, strolling through the beautiful streets near Monastiraki we came across many amazing finds, including stunning street art and random bits of beauty, where you just stand back and feel a wow. 

  This is one of those times.

A street with a canopy of lampshade, Super....Cool

Cool Barbecue And Fire Pits Made From ...Alternative Random Stuff

I was at a hostel recently in Skibbereen.  My first experience in a hostel, if Carlberg could do Hostels they would do Russagh Mill Hostel.  Paul the host/ manager arranged great adventures for us and each night, we sat around enjoying few beers, under the stars,  he fired up the barbeque ( An old metal sink ) and lit an out door fire which was made from an old gas cylinder. 

It was probably one of the best ways to make friends and meet fantastic world travelers, share stories, beers  and food.   

Anywho, the barbeque and outdoor fire were the inspiration for this post.


Loved this idea for years, Car Barbarque.


Barbecue Made From Barrels




Gas cylinder fire pit.



Fire Pit Made From Propane Gas tank





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