Upcycled Table - Cool Ideas To Create Amaz Upcycled Tables

Upcycled tables are amazing conversational pieces.   Upcycled bedside tables, coffee tables, outdoor tables, occasional tables, the variety of functions upcycled tables are endless. 

 Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get our creative juices flowing, I hope the ideas for upcycled tables presented here inspire you.  Thanks to every creator out there who share their work on line for all to enjoy.


The Booze Table

Making a sweet coffee table from poplar, maple, mahogany, oak,
walnut, vintage beer cans, old wine crates and scotch boxes.

Milo Upcycled Table.

420,000 tonnes of waste wood is produced by households each year. Wood that could be ground up, made into chipboard and used to make other items.

Wood for the Milo table comes off cuts from the wood he uses to make his fitted furniture as well as waste that comes from old cupboards he has taken out of customers houses that are no longer needed. I think if he had a magic wand, Tristan’s wish would be to encourage and inspire people to use more natural materials in their homes and for the industry to produce them.
‘Milo’ is a contemporary ‘eco’ coffee or bedside table, oiled with natural eco oil. As you’ll see from the photo, the shapes, colours, patterns and textures are a sight to behold. Each table is unique, using whatever materials are to hand.

1.) Library Card File Drawers by The Painted Hive. 2.) Book Table found on Ebay (too bad it’s sold!). 3.)  Vintage Pinball Machine by Custom Made.

 More Tables Blissfullydomestic.com

John Reeves has created a series of tables with upcycled laminated and turned scrap marble for the legs with oak tops.



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