Diy Minion Costume - Fab Ideas to Create Your Own Diy Minion Costume

If you want to create a diy minion costume, here are some amazing ideas for you to start creating.  

Minions are taking over the world. 

"" I started with overalls and drew the "Gru" logo on them. Next, I took a yellow hoodie and hot glued black pipecleaners to the hoods for their "hair". For those that aren't familiar with the movie, Minions don't all have the same hair styles so I had my boys each choose which hair-do they wanted. I found their "goggles" at the dollar store and removed the nose, mustache, and eyebrows, then hot glued black Velcro to the sides so they would stay on their heads. The look was finished by using yellow make-up, black gloves and black shoes. The base of the hoodie was taped together.""

" All you need is cardboard, loads and loads of it. Make a cylinder out of the cardboard in which your kid and easily and comfortably fit in. Make a two giant holes for eyes, make a pair of minion spectacles and fit in your child. Of course, paint it appropriately to look like a minion. And that’s it."




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