Cool Stuff made From Matress Springs, Put The Spring In Your Stuff.:))

I had a matress in my shed taking up room, too big to put in the car to bring to the dump.  Then I started to look at the mattress in a whole new light, what if I took all the fabric covers off and was left with the bare bones ( springs) what could I make.  What was interesting is, under the fabric was a layer of thick woven fibers, like horse hair , but not.   I used this as the lining from my hanging baskets.  That  saved my having to dispose of that and the pieces left ver can be rolled up and used for next years baskets.

The springs where held together by a long long spring, it took time and patience to remove each long spring, I had to unwind and unravel it from each upright spring coil.  I just did one a day as it was not that easy, but hey I am in no rush.

Here are some of the ideas I have found on line to transform my springs.








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