Repurposed Tools - Before You Dump Old Tools Check Out These Amazing Repurposed Tools...

If you have a shed full of old tools, great news, as these repurposed tools ideas will get your creative juices flowing.  It is my pleasure to find these really cool ideas to share and inspire. 

An Ipad Stand....;))



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  2. 1. Garden planter: Turn an old wheelbarrow into a rustic garden planter.
    2. Chandelier: Transform a set of old tools into a unique and creative chandelier.
    3. Wind chimes: Create a beautiful, musical wind chime from old tools.
    4. Outdoor décor: Hang old tools from a tree to create a simple, rustic outdoor décor.
    5. Bird feeder: Turn an old rake or shovel into a bird feeder.
    6. Mailbox: Create a unique and eye-catching mailbox with an old tool.
    7. Lamps: Transform an old saw or drill into a one-of-a-kind lamp.
    8. Shelving: Use an old tool to create a unique and functional wall shelf.
    9. Table: Create a unique and rustic table with an old tool.
    10. Storage: Transform an old tool into a functional piece of storage.


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