Upcycled Letters Ideas, Cool Alphabet Ideas.....

Really cool upcycled letter ideas.  The modern trend for quotes, inspirational words and letters is taken to a new level of ultra cool.  

Letters made from junk, upcycled materials, magazines and crazy other stuff.  Great ideas for you...

Letters upcycled from tins and soda cans.

Made from corks

Made form upcycled magazines 

Upcycled kids clothes

Upcycled jewellery

Made from horse shoes

Made from upcycled license plates

Letters made from paper

Upcycled Craft Ideas To Sell - Business Ideas From Upcycled Stuff

Here are some out of the box upcycled craft ideas.  Upcycled crafts you can make and sell, business that is consciously doing business in a way that benefits the whole.   We are all part of the bigger picture.

Upcycled guitar picks made from old hotel room cards, gift cards, points cards and old credit cards.

Jewellery made from paper and other waste materials, great upcycled craft ideas.

Beads made from upcycled paper 

Upcycled paper flowers.

Colourful Garden Bugs Made From Old Light Bulbs

Jewellery Made From Silver Ware


Wire paper and gem creations,



Upcycled Furniture Ideas - Creative Ideas To Upcycling At Home & For Business

Up-cycling furniture ideas that will inspire you to start looking in a new way.  

Don't get stuck on what you see, delve deeper to see the potential.   It is not rubbish, it is lack of vision.  Everything has beauty with in, upcyclers have the unique ability to see the possibilities.  Every thing has the potential to be great, your job is to allow it to unfold. 

Old pipes, chairs, chests of drawers, doors have the ability to live again, give them life....

Shelves made from drift wood and old scrap bits of a boat.

Upcycle Tin Cans- Creative Ideas For Upcycling Tin Cans

Tin cans are in abundant supply, here are some fantastic ways to upcycle tin cans.  Storage, vases, lanterns, gardens, homes, office and for fun there are so many ways to upcycle tin cans...You will find inspiration for many upcycling tin can projects, get the kids and friends involved. 

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