Upcycling Ideas Old Coin Sculpture, Tables, Floors, Counter Tops

Great upcycling ideas for old coins, or use up the cents in random funny ways.  

It is funny how ideas for articles come to you....The underneath plan is to build a eco  friendly home with cob construction, and have everything in the house made with love from repurposed stuff.....The more random ideas I find and share, the more inspired I am for my home,,,,The other plan includes creating a passive income, so I can live, travel and experience life to the fullest.....(love, happy, joy and abundance).

Here we go , amazing upcycling ideas for old coins.

Rings and jewellery made from old coins...cool...

Federi Couribe  recreates the human form with any recycled material he can find...this is his torso created from upcycling old coins.

Coin recycled to create a chair......wow

Floor of pennies, upcycling ideas to transform your home 

Back splash for kitchen made with coins....

Penny, coin, diy counter top with upcycled coins

Reuse old coins for fireplace

Upcycling ideas for old Coins,  ball can be used as tea light

Coin table top, use resin to fix coins to table and create even smooth surface.
Coin Letters
Coins as golf marker 
Coin Sculpture...create by Hirotoshi Itoh Japanese sculptor.

Torso created from upcycling coins

Coin interlocking sculptures created by Robert Wechsler

Coin mosaic David Becham

Coin Necklace


Pennys create this sculpture

Coin tribute to Michael Jackson


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