Homemade Angels For Christmas

Fab homemade angels for Christmas made with love from upcycled items lying around the home or stuff about to be thrown out.   
Really cool angels.

Handmade angel upcycled with copper wire from electrical cable.

Made from napkins..


Clothes peg angels

Angel made from pasta

Coke can angels

Angle made from hankie chief 

Angel made from pine cones

Angel with buttons

Made from picket fences,,,,,,wow

Angel wings from music sheets


Angel made From Scraps Of Wood

Angel made from old Light Bulbs

This angel is made from bits and pieces and creates a beautiful angel

Recycled paper angel

Recycled Angel

Garden Angel made with old shutters...

Upcycled angel made form sterling silver

Upcycling Angles for Christmas

Steampunk Angels

Angel Made From Coke Bottles

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