Diy Christmas Wreaths....Fab Quirkey Homemade Upcycling Ideas

Great Diy Christmas wreath ideas you can make for your home or as Christmas gifts.    
Everyone loves a gift made from the heart.   Christmas wreaths made from upcycled paper, old stuff, pipes and other random to make your home ultra cool.

Made from upcycled papers and magazines...

Made with cup up pieces of plastic pipe or paper toilet rolls..

Made from old books

Made with upcycled pages from old text books

Made with Toilet roll holders

Upcycled corks,,,,,,diy christmas wreaths

Made from ties

Wreath made with sandwich bags....

Wreath made from recycled paper

Make a wreath out of recycled coffee cups and cardboard holders

Made from upcycled magazines

Wreath made from maps

Made upcycled Christmas wreath from tin cans

Made with plastic bottles

Made from squished up coke cans

                       Christmas Decorations

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