Diy Christmas Decorations - Chicken Wire Rudolf - If I Did It So Can You

My plan is for this Christmas is for everything to be made with love.  A complete upcycled Christmas with diy Christmas Decorations, recycled ornaments and an upcycled tree.  

 I had chicken wire left over from making an Elephant...( Don't Ask...;))  I wanted to use this up and make a paper mache Rudolf, but the chicken wire turned out so gorgeous I decided to leave him as it was. 

Also I loved sculpting with the chicken wire as you could see your creation take shape, it is  easy to use. And with in a few hours you can have a finished masterpiece.  

If you think you have no inspiration and could not do it,,,,,THINK AGAIN,,,,honestly the chicken wire kinda take on a life of its own and evolves before your eyes, it is a great way to make indoor or outdoor diy Christmas decorations that are life size.  

And with everything you won't know till you try, how do you know what you like if you have never tried it....

What is needed to make chicken wire diy Christmas decorations....

Scissors / Wire Cutters
Gloves if you have them
Chicken wire.
A few hours spare. 

What I did.

I cut 4 lengths of chicken wire all the way across, about 20 cm width to make legs, yes long legs..  Just use this as a guide line.

I made a cylinder shape from each piece, to create the 4 legs.  Each piece was difference ,,,,that is ok  .....

Then I made a body from a piece of chichen wire, about 50 cm wide and all the way accross.  Sculpted a body shape, them squished the tops legs to the body, cutting pieces to join the two wire structures to gether.  Bending and joining together, can be a little sore on fingers so wear gloves.

 Make a head to what ever size you want, cut some chicken wire.  Just play with the chicken wire, if you not happy with your shape, pull the chicken with back in to shape and start again.  when you happy with shape of head attach to body.

Cut smaller pieces of chicken wire and make two ears and to antlers, attach by bending wires  to head.

That is it....The chicken wire is very malleable, just keep at it till you are  happy, if you feel you made a mistake it ok, pull the wire back into shape. 

 It no big deal, the idea is to start creating and it will fall into place, there is no right or wrong, just enjoy.

Then because I loved my chicken wire rudolf, I made a chicken wire man.  Just made from my head, so he is NOT a detailed replica ..(He hee) great fun though..

Hope you inspired...

Here are some fab Chicken wire creations from around the world.

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Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments - You Will Not Believe What You Can Create..

Why not have an upcycing Christmas this year and decorate with recycled Christmas Tree ornaments.  

The upcycle, recycle ideas here will inspire you to add the love this Christmas with your recycled ornaments and decorations.

Recycle paper to make these cute and quirkey recycled Christmas tree ornaments.

Recycle old christmas cards

Paper ornaments

Star made from old cards

Recycled Tickets

Recycled spoon for the tree

Angels made from paper clips

Recycled paper angel

Made from paper

Made From Wine Cork Bottles

            Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas Ornaments - Ideas To Make Ornaments from Junk- Upcycle Christmas

Homemade Christmas Ornaments will not only save you money.
 Making your own ornaments for Christmas will make you feel good, make your home unique and be as individual as you are.   It can take a little effort but the rewards are huge.   

The whole family can get involved with homemade Christmas ornaments, and making them from stuff you all ready have is an extra bonus.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments tree...

Homemade wreaths

Buttons make fab ornaments

String ornaments

Christmas Ornaments from soda tins

Homemade christmas star made with toilet rolls

Homemade Christmas ornament with pasta.

Homemade Christmas ornaments made with light bulbs

Made with old spoons and imagination

Eco Friendly Christmas Trees - Reuse Repurpose and Recycle...

Eco friendly Christmas trees are fast becoming the must have Tree for the festive season.   
More that ever people want alternative ideas for Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.  Here you will find ideas that will inspire you for an eco friendly Christmas tree .

This Eco Friendly Christmas Tree Was Created In Japan

Made from magazines

Paper cone tree

Made with umbrellas

Made with magazines 

Made with Junk Mail

Tire Christmas Tree

 Junk Filled Tree

Bird house tree 

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas - A Tree Is Not Just For Christmas

This year I want an alternative Christmas Tree that looks great, still captures the magic of Christmas , reuses and upcycles old items or junk.   
Be inspired, hopefully these ideas will help you see what is possible if you think out side the box. 


Made with sticks and bits

Money tree,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Book Christmas Tree's 

Made from Plastic Bottles

Christmas trees from books

Made with upcycled bulbs

Recycled paper Christmas tree's

Recycled Can Christmas Tree

Made with wine bottles

Made with coffee filters

Tree made from scraps of wood

Christmas tree made from old magazines

Christmas tree made from trollies

Made from Bicycles

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