How To Recycle Phone Books

Interesting ideas on how to recycle phone books, be inspired to create and make cool functional object for the home, office or school with recycling phone books.  Thanks to all the upcyclers on line who share their ideas to inspire the rest of us,,,,

Phone book organizer..

Columns made from telephone books,,,,,,Titled the Hive

Carved from phone books,,,,,It is great to be alive and see how creative people are,,,,,,

Frank Sinatra Carved from a recycled phone book

Cool phone dress made from recycled phone books and a great imagination. 

Wrap up presents......

Phone Book Tree

Decorations made from phone books

Book sculpture,,,,,,Brian Dettmer

Paper wreath made from recycled phone book pages

Paper mache budda made form recycled phone books

 Paper mache animals, are a great way to sculpt and create using upcycled materials, make paper mache from newspapers, recycle old telephone books, use up old text books...

Phone book garland,,,,,beautiful,,,,

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