How To Be On Top Of Google Search

Being on top of Google search (Organic Listings) is crucial if you want visitors to your site without having to pay for traffic.

When your site shows up in first or second  place on the organic listings will bring thousands more visitors than being number nine and ten,,,,If our they have to go to the next page to find your website,,,,you will not receive many visits.....

The trick, key or objective is to find keywords that a lot of people are searching for but there is not that much competition...

There are many tools online to help you with keyword research,,,,,but to be honest I would use google keyword planner to learn the basics, then branch out and invest in a tool. 

BUT THAT IS NOT NECESSARY.   Now I use Mirco Niche Finder to locate great keywords.   I learned the basics first, and practiced to see what keywords worked best for me to be on top of Google Search.  Before I invested in a tool.

The following video I found one you tube will explain in detail what keywords to use for  "how to be on top of Google Search".

 Learn practice with keywords, don't wait to find the ideal keywords, choses one keyword, write content for your website / blog using the keyword in the Title, first paragraph, through out article and in the url. 

 Learn some search engine optimization and you will know "How to be on the top of Google Search" 

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