How To Build A Cob House - Ideas To Get You Started

How to build a cob house. Steps and ideas to build a cob house.

 Buy Building With Cob Here

""This book shows you the ins and outs of cob building. It's very pleasant to read and a must for everyone interested in natural building. I own many books on natural building (mostly American) and find the views of the authors refreshing. 

You will not find claims of houses built for USD 15.000 or less in this book! 

No mumbojumbo, but just the bare facts in all of their beauty. I can wholeheartedly recommend this book as it will give you hours of reading pleasure.

Cod is the earth mixed with straw and water to make cob bricks (loaves).  Add sand if there is too much clay and add clay if there is too much sand.  Anyone can make cob, the whole family can get involved to build a cob home."" 

Reviews available on Amazon.

Cob is made from soil on site, no delivery charges.

What is great about building a cob house is that it is sculptural, beautiful, organic, the walls can be curved and each room a different shape.  

The walls are two foot or more wide making your build warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  It is a cheap way to build as the cob materiel is found on site only the labor involved has a price, and if you do it your self, the cost is your time.

Before you build have a plan, because some of the furniture, architrave and skirting may have to be custom made.

For me, I love the idea of a eco friendly self sufficient build.  Over at Mud and Wood they have built a fantastic Cob house that economical to maintain,,,,,great ideas to think of when building your cob house.   Rainwater harvesting, eco friendly toilets, insulation and green energy.

Course are available at Mud And Wood

Over at This Cob House they are giving away a free guide on how to build a cob house, you have to sign up your email. Here.

You can have so much fun and allow your imagination to run wide when building a cob home.  There is just something about the feel of sculpting and creating with your own hand,,,,,imagine the feel of your home built with love.......


How To Recycle Phone Books

Interesting ideas on how to recycle phone books, be inspired to create and make cool functional object for the home, office or school with recycling phone books.  Thanks to all the upcyclers on line who share their ideas to inspire the rest of us,,,,

Phone book organizer..

Columns made from telephone books,,,,,,Titled the Hive

Carved from phone books,,,,,It is great to be alive and see how creative people are,,,,,,

Frank Sinatra Carved from a recycled phone book

Cool phone dress made from recycled phone books and a great imagination. 

Wrap up presents......

Phone Book Tree

Decorations made from phone books

Book sculpture,,,,,,Brian Dettmer

Paper wreath made from recycled phone book pages

Paper mache budda made form recycled phone books

 Paper mache animals, are a great way to sculpt and create using upcycled materials, make paper mache from newspapers, recycle old telephone books, use up old text books...

Phone book garland,,,,,beautiful,,,,

How To Be On Top Of Google Search

Being on top of Google search (Organic Listings) is crucial if you want visitors to your site without having to pay for traffic.

When your site shows up in first or second  place on the organic listings will bring thousands more visitors than being number nine and ten,,,,If our they have to go to the next page to find your website,,,,you will not receive many visits.....

The trick, key or objective is to find keywords that a lot of people are searching for but there is not that much competition...

There are many tools online to help you with keyword research,,,,,but to be honest I would use google keyword planner to learn the basics, then branch out and invest in a tool. 

BUT THAT IS NOT NECESSARY.   Now I use Mirco Niche Finder to locate great keywords.   I learned the basics first, and practiced to see what keywords worked best for me to be on top of Google Search.  Before I invested in a tool.

The following video I found one you tube will explain in detail what keywords to use for  "how to be on top of Google Search".

 Learn practice with keywords, don't wait to find the ideal keywords, choses one keyword, write content for your website / blog using the keyword in the Title, first paragraph, through out article and in the url. 

 Learn some search engine optimization and you will know "How to be on the top of Google Search" 

How to Create An Online Store- Four Easy Ways To Create An Online Store

Want to how to create an online store.  There are many platforms available to create an online store.  Do you want to be part of an existing store, taking advantage of their promotions, email lists , traffic, customers? 

 Do you want your own website that has an online store built in.   

Do you want  a shopping cart?  Are you selling multiple products or one or two.  

Do you have shipping costs?

There are many many ways on how to create an online store,,,some will suit your individual needs better than others,,,,,

This is a list of my favorite ways to create an online store, if you are not really sure what you want ,, or if you are open to possibilities you may not have thought of then I hope you get some inspiration from the following....

How To Create An Online Store...

1.  If you already have a website and you would like to create an online store on the same platform.  You can use a simple method of ,,,,,,well not difficult method ....add a paypal shopping cart... there are many features available in Paypal shopping carts that will allow you sell multiple items, calculate shipping.  Create invoices......

Full instructions on how to add a shopping cart on paypal are here.

If you have no HMTL experience it may appear a little difficult....but you can hire a free lance website coder to do this for you, you can look on YOU Tube for videos on how to do this ,,,and once you learn it will be of benefit....Or ask some one you know,,,,, 

Second method on how to create an online store...

2.   Intergrate your store with an existing shopping platform like ETSY or Amazon...take advantage of their know how and marekting, to get visitors and buying customesrs to your online store...

Check out How To Sell On Amazon.
                 How To Sell On Etsy.

Third method on how to create an online store.

3. Facebook..If you use face book and have a good interactive following, you can add a shopping cart app to your Facebook and sell your products directly from Facebook..
 This is a link to a face book app to integrate to your Facebook page.  There are many more available on line search for Facebook shopping cart app....

Check out Facebook shopping cart app here 

Many of the apps are free to use and you pay a percentage of hosting fees ....

Shopify....Fourth method on how to create an online store.

4.Shopify is an online platform that allows people to build online stores for them selves or for business.  It is one of the most popular interfaces to use for creating an online store.  It is quick and easy to use, for novices and experienced sellers online.

Check Out Shopify Here

The choice is yours, do spend too much until you test the market... You can always get a create a better looking store later,,,,when you have sales first......

Upcycling Typewriter Keys-Random Amazing Ways For Upcycling Keys

Really cool ways for up cycling typewriter keys, reuse, re purpose and recycling type writer keys for fun, and creating functional and aesthetic design pieces..

Gadrieldi Shaw creates stunning pieces from upcycled typewriter keys, junk materials and bits of randon parts he uncovers.

Jeremey Mayer is another artist who can transform junk in to fantastic piece of sculpture.

Type writer keys jewellery

Typewriter Key Ring

Typewriter keys donkey...

Typewriter Keys Key Holder.....

Check out Upcycling Keys

Upcycling Keys....Great Ideas To Recycle Old Keys

I have loads of keys that I can't remember what they open,,,or where I got them,,,,I decided to look for cool ways for upcycling keys and this is what I found...enjoy...

Upcycling keys to make jewellery

Keys as charm bracelet....

Key pendant,,,,steampunk creations

Key lock keyholder...

Keys sculpted in to tea light......

Keys reshaped into bottle....

This rooster is made with old type writer keys,,,

Key sculpture

Keys upcycled to create a boat ...

Key wind chime....

Upcycled keys to create amazing sculpture...............

How To Recycle Books - Ideas To Transform Old Books

How to recycle books....Be warned the ideas here on how to recycle books will have viewing books in a whole new light....Book Transformation Ideas....

Folded pages book art is fast becoming a new medium for artist to express their creativity..

Book Vase

 Book Sculpture

Book table

Recycled childrens book to create this fairy take dress.....

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