Halloween Costume Ideas For Women Who Love To Create

Looking for gruelsom, weird, scary, really cool and inventiive halloween costume ideas for women? Prepare to be amazed with the following halloween costume ideas for women.  

Made from recycled stuff and unbelievable warped imaginations....


Homemade Halloween Decorations - Bizare - Scary-Spooky- Goulish

Homemade Halloween decorations will definitely scare the socks off Halloween trick or treaters.  The homemade Halloween decorations ideas here are not meant for the faint hearted...


The Finger on the door bell has to make your stomach turn....fab...ha


Vampire bottles of  Blood


Really? This is really sick......;) What twisted mind came up with this....Please create more hybrid dolls..love them.....

Probably a bit to permanent for Halloween but I had to include it cause it is so good....as a Halloween decorations.


DIY Mirror Frame Ideas You Can Make With Junk - Reuse - Repurpose - Upcycle

I wanted to make a wall of mirrors, then I started to look for diy mirror frame ideas that would look super cool.  
The following are the diy mirror frame ideas I have found to share with you.  Thanks to all who have created these masterpieces, please enjoy and be inspired.

Adding detail to an original frame, changes the look and feel totally.  Love the bow and flowers.

Frame covered with photos..

Upcycling Artists - Sayaka Ganz- Capturing the Motion...

Sayaka Ganz creations depict animals in motion.  She uses every day plastics, scrap metal and other repurposed items for her creations which capture motion and life. 

"I spent my early childhood in Japan but I grew up in several different countries. Japanese Shinto beliefs are such that all objects and organisms have spirits, and I was taught in kindergarten that objects that are discarded before their time weep at night inside the trash bin. 

This became a vivid image in my mind. The constant need to adjust to a new environment also gave me a strong desire to fit in and to create harmony around me.

I only select objects that have been used and discarded. My goal is for each object to transcend its origin by being integrated into an animal/ organic forms that are alive and in motion. This process of reclamation and regeneration is liberating to me as an artist.

Home Craft Projects Ideas- Be inspired With These Upcycling Home Craft Project Ideas

Home craft projects you can do at home with stuff you have around the home or in the garden.  Re-purpose, reuse and upcycle items in your home for home craft projects. 

Be inspired as to what you craft with every day items. Fab garden, patio lights create with plastic bottles and Christmas lights.

Flowers made from springs and scrap material.

Paper mache is a greate home craft project idea for both children and adults.  Use up old newspapers, mix flour and water.


Home craft projects - Soda cans

Make toys from old clothes

Home craft projects.. Egg cartons

Cool paper lamps to make at home. 

Books are for more than reading....

More home crafts made from toilet rolls.....

Flour and salt to create hand print crafts..

 Make cool bird houses from milk cartons,

Use up old keys, solder together to make really cool decorations, bowls, or anything you can imagine.. 

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