Upcycled Art, Upcycling Taken to The Extreem....

Upcycled Art, this is where the creative force of our imagination is taken to the next level.  It just goes to prove when you don't conform to traditional ways of thinking and you tap into your creative juices what beauty can be created.  

Again thanks to every one whose work I have featured, thanks for tipping the balance and see the  beauty from items that have lost their purpose and discovering their true potential..... 

Imagine if we viewed people in the same way, looked past what we can see to what can be possible.....  I think we could upcycle the world........imagine that.....

Ok on with the Upcycled Art......

Miina Akkijyrkka an artist based in Finland creates stunning cow sculptures from scrap cars,,,,

Upcycled Art from bicycle chains,Seo Young Duck creates
sculptures and forms from welding links of a bicycle 
chain together.  Some  of his creation have taken over 
a year to create.
 Check out more work Upcycled Bicycle Art 
Robert Bradford create stunning lifeforms from
broken toys and other upcycled plastics.... 

Brown Dog Welding a one man metal fabrication operation 
which creates funny and innovative items from scrap metal.

Upcycling bottle cap is a novel way to create a 
self portrait. 
Mary Ellen Croteau.net
Cute little Owl, created form scrap pieces...
One thousand trash people were created from cans,
creation have been displayed at the Pyrmids, in 
China, New York and other place throughout world..
Sayaka Ganz captures the motion of horses running with 
Plastic spoons,  just a wow...

Stunning works of Art created by Bernard Pras..
I hope you u are insired..... 

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