Recycled Magazine Crafts,Inspiring Ideas to Upcycle Old Books, Magazines and Papers

We all have a pile of magazines and books which are gathering dust, listed here are fantastic ideas for recycled magazine crafts and upcycling book ideas.  Thanks for the inspiration.. .

This first image is why I created this recycled magazine crafts post, I just think it is so innovative, interesting and fun for both young and old.  

 This beautiful creation is made from an old cook book, the light also create interesting shadows.  Hutch Studio

Wallet made from recycled magazine.....

Artist Samuel Price has turned collage in to a fine art. His works are mostly dog portraits, he captures life in each creation by cleverly manipulating paper.

Make magazine baskets for decoration in home, office and as gifts.

Beautiful recycled magazine craft wreaths, perfect to make as a gift, or special occasions, or just to look at and make you feel good...

Collages are an extraordinary way to recycle magazine and book, the creations can be spectacular..

Derek Gores creates magnificent art works using recycled magazines..

Recycled books and magazines life I have never seen before...Jonathan Callan creates wall with books in a unconventional way....

Recycle magazines as papier mache, cover toys, shelves, tables, chairs to create stunning home made works of art.. 


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