Upcycle Ideas-Funky Homes- Salvage to Savage....

The inspiration for Upcycle ideas, Funky Homes-Salvage to Savage is my quest to build a dream home from upcycled, recycled and savaged materials.

The idea is to build an eco friendly home that looks and feels amazing, built from reclaimed or repurposed, which combines design, engineering and ultra coolness in a home...My Home..

.I am looking on line to find ideas, designs and Oh My God ....Creations that I can draw inspiration from,,,,,I wanted to share the ideas I find because they are just too good not to......Honestly the more I look for ideas the more inspired I become...Thank you all

Upcycled car parts to create this stunning home.  The upper outside walls of the house are made from over 100 salvaged car roofs....

Homes built from containers...Just open your mind..

Grab those old tires and start building....

One Million Bottles were used to create this temple in Thailand, the bottles enhance natural lighting for a stained glass effect.  Just goes to prove what can be done with recycled and re-purposed  materials with great upcycle ideas.

A boeing 727 was salvaged and turned in to this stunning hotel suite in Costa Rica, two bedrooms and spacious accommodation with jungle views.

Built from scrap metal, reclaimed car parts and upcycled wood.  

More upcycle ideas for grain silos....

Repurposed Shipping Containers
Designed by architect Adam Kalkin multi story dwelling created from containers.  Poetichome.com

Homes and dwelling built from trash.....


Homes made from recycled trains.


Aidan Quinn designed Eco Pod Homes made from tires which are made in to tiles as protective external membrane....The homes are solar powered, quite small to live in ......

Tree Hugger.

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