Diy Furniture, Really Cool, Repurposed, Reused And Recycled Furniture

Looking for really cool diy furniture you can make for your home, here I have images of diy furniture creation people have made from books, re purposed items and my God you will be amazed and inspired....again...I am so glad to find all these images and share with thanks to all.....

A Wow,,,,counter made from books....honestly, a really cool conversational piece...a great way to use old books and keep them case you fancy a read again...

Table Made from Magazines.....
Artist For Humanity

Bed Made From Old Car.....Too Cool....

Table Made From Car Parts

Bed Time Reading.....

Alternatives for bedside lockers....

DIY Furniture from Cars ...just is a wow....

Hairdryer turned into light....

Table made from tin cans

Making diy furniture from old doors is a great way to make funky tables, chairs, room dividers, head boards,,,the  list is endless......


  1. Recycled furniture images provided in this blog is excellent. Cool ideas. Especially Bed Made From Old Car is amazing.
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  2. Really clever ideas. Looks good.

  3. way too cool, love the sofa, and did you put the car in your bedroom LOL, nice work, i am just learning the recycle business, can't wait to show you. keep up the good work.

  4. how did you get the tin cans to stick

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