Shannon Kehoe @ Geekasuras, Upcycler, Jeweller, Gamer, Geek and Too

Shannon Kehoe is a creative genius, a self confessed geek and a girl gamer. Her business Geekasuras where she creates beautiful hand crafted jewellery and her tallent is creating beauty in all she come accross.

" I started a few years ago as a hobby really, I wanted to make jewelry that suited my personality, which i couldn't get from high streets that mass produced their jewelry.   It wasn't until I started posting on my personal page on Facebook that i realized that other people felt the same way.

So Geekasuras was born.

I started making shrink plastic jewelry as I could draw anything I wanted on it, shrink it down and make jewelry with it. So if someone came to me looking for a beetle juice necklace i could make it no problem, if I can draw it I can make it into jewelry.

I get creative ideas from pretty much anywhere, my brain is always on alert for things i can make even at 5 in the morning when im trying to sleep!

Mostly I look for sources online, I buy tattoo magazines for inspiration too.
I would sit down with an idea to do with shrink plastic but god knows where I end up at the end of it, as most custom jewelry I make is commissioned I usually just do what the customer wants, which I get more fun out of anyway as I get to step into another weird geeky personality and be able to do up exactly what they want to wear.

You can upcycle using shrink plastic too. You can get any bottle with a grade c on it (like a coke bottle) and sand it down, draw on it and shrink it down with a special heat gun its more moveable than the sheets I use , as it takes 1 second to harden so leaves very little room from error but the plastic bottle way is fun and easy to do, you dont need a heat gun you can use a candle too but watch your fingers!

I upcycle shoes mostly though, old shoes that I wore to death I would re vamp them.  I have stuck the shoes up on tutorial websites so people can try it out themselves."

Customize your own shoes.


  1. Do you just draw on the plastic bottle w/a Sharpie?

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