Plastic Greenhouses, Unbelievable DIY Greenhouse Ideas

Start growning those organic plants in state of art plastic greenhouses.  Collect 1500 bottles and build your own diy green house.

Reap, a Scottish charity inspired this project to build a green house with 1500 plastic mineral bottles. Download the pdf from Reap.

Create minature greenhouses with old plastic mineral bottles, simple and effective idea if space is limited and to get kids involved.  Container Gardener.

Artisic designed greenhouse @ Travel

Inventive folks have designed the roof of this green house to collect rain water.  Making Sense of Things

Students at Braehead Primary used 1178 plastic bottles to build a green house. CCI Web

Who needs snow to build an Igloo......;)))) Creating Questions..

All these plastic green houses prove that there is never a lack of resourses .....only a lack of Imagination.....
Put your thinking cap on and wash those green fingers......


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