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I have to say a big Huge thank you to the WOW people out there who are so creative....Thank you , Thank you , Thank you,,,,I love looking up ideas for this site and sharing what I find....Each and every one of us can live in DREAM homes with the combined use of our imaginations.

Today is How to build a table from doors, honestly you will never look at a door in the same conventional way.......

DIY furniture taking over the world.....xx

Build a coffee table.

Leave the knobs and hinges on.
Cut door in 3 pieces, measure and draw straight line then cut with hand saw,or electric saw.
Join pieces with 4 brackets underneath.
Full instructions and more amazing ideas at Sweet Pickins Furniture.

Add legs to old door, paint if required.  That simple.  JCRabbit

 DIY furniture, cool coffee table instructions @ The Space Between Blog

Add legs reclaimed from old broken furniture to door, complement table with odd chairs for a quirkey contempory shabby chic twist.  Design Sponge

Is it a work desk? Is it a dining table for six? or is it an old street door?....... It's all 3, the creators at Manoteca devised this stunning creation.  Are you wowed?????

Ideal for outdoor patio furniture, in schools, think out side the box and use, reuse and recycle..WRW & CO

Oh Glory Vintage reclaimed an old bard door, added the storage part using a pallet.  New legs and hindges.
Perfect eclectic piece to add style to any room

Barn door coffee table, great conversational piece.

Hope these diy furniture ideas on how to build a table for doors will get you inspired.  I am anyways, I've decided when I build my dream home.....which is still in Dream stages, I will furnish it completly with reclaimed, reused, upcycled stuff.......I just think that would make it an ever evolving home of inspiration.....and would be great craic to do......I will keep ye posted.....xx ;)


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