Customize Your Own Shoes, Ladies This Is A Must ;)

Customize your own shoes is not as difficult as you might think, these creative designer shoes were created by Shannon Kehoe of Geekasuras. 

 What you need to customize your own shoes, 

1. Old pair of shoes.
2. Paint, acrylics in your fav colours
3. Small and medium paint brush
4. Clear Varnish. 

Step 1.  I used boots for this one as i wanted to put quiet a large picture on a shoe


Step 2. So first  I drew in my characters and then I painted the more vibrant characters in white, including jacks coat, i know it makes no sense to paint it white when we are gonna paint it black again but it does stand out with a white undercoat :)

So we have the mayor, zero, jack and a mummy, (the dots on the right hand side were other characters that i wasn't happy with so i painted over them in the end)


Step 3. I did another layer because the material in the shoe was hard to work with.
 After it all dries paint in the black bits of jacks suit and his face.

Step 4. I painted zeros features in black too. I then started with a bit of colour and this little demon is the first to be painted :)  Then came stock ( I think thats her name lol) I mixed in black to get the shades of her hat.  I also painted bleached bone on the mayor as he is not as ghostly as the rest of the cast.

 Step 5. I  love that shade of green so I use it whenever I can. I thought that the overall scene was lacking colour so the green was my background, it brought the more somber coloured characters to life i think.

Step 6.  I put more detail in the mummy and around the pink demons eye. You need a very steady hand for this because I used black paint. I dont recommened using a pen as even the most waterproff pens with fade in time.

Step 7. This is the shoe from the other side. I painted it all green with a gap at the toes, there should be a line you can run your fingers along on any shoe, i usually stop there. When the grey has dried I first painted the black scene, waited for it to dry and added a very dark grey and then a very light grey, all done with different mixtures of white and black.

Step 8. So i painted the toe bit with green for oggie boogie and then painted the mouth black.  While the black was drying i painted the white stitches, because it was still wet the black seeped into the white to give tone in on the stitches.

Step 9. This is the finished shoe :D now on to the next one, lol.

Step 10.  I  painted sally first by using yellows and pinks. Her other sleeve is green and her skin is a very light blue.  Put a bit of dark red in her hair around her nick and in the parting to add shadow.

Step 10. I painted lock next and the orange is a haunted pumpkin from the pumpik patch :)
Locks mask is very light pink i suggest a lighter one than i have.  Almost boardering on white :)
I painted the clown with the tear away face next.  His colours are different shades of purple and a light lemon yellow.

 Step 11.  I painted the background black and put in oggie boogie in the moon.  I used a light blue for the moon and black from oggie boogie and the green to outline him.

Step 12.  These are the shoes, inside and outside designs.

Paint what ever theme or style you like, be inspired.

Meet the designer, Shannon Kehoe.


  1. These are fantastic well done, love 'em!! :) Did you use just any clear varnish and what happens when they get a bit wet or you need to clean them?

  2. I've never tried customizing my own shoes. But, it looks really cool! painting service plymouth ma


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