Flower Pot Ideas, Cheap Flower Pots

Check out these amazing flower pot ideas,   cheap flower pots and fab ideas to make your garden, patio and home look awesome......

Gather up those old bean cans, paint, add to wall.  Water often.....;)  Eco Artware Blog

 Add the plants to unpainted tin cans looks so cool, great flower pot  ideas to revamp gardens.  MOPlants

Runner and wellies make an eye catching display, just a wow.....Home Trend Design

Book planter, honestly I am blown away at all the ideas everyone has for flower pot ideas.  Jessica Wolfoff

Coffee pot planter Vicky Herd comptetition at Potted Store

Hanging baskets with a twist....Kudos....The Micro Gardener

DIY Greenhouses, Build A Green House From Windows, Doors and A Little Imagination....

You have gotta check out these diy greenhouses, build from old windows, reclaimed door and a little magic.....

This diy greenhouse is so beautiful you would nearly want to live in it, imagine how happy the plants are living here.  The inside is just as beautiful ,,,,pic below......Dreyne

Just too cute......Dreyne

Green house or potting shed made from reclaimed wood, windows and doors.  Re-Store

Shed and greenhouse made from reclaimed and salvaged materials.  Popular Mechanics

Old doors and windows are used to create this diy greenhouse.  The Shelter Hub

Made from scrap wood, old windows and reclaimed doors, Shannon Rankin

This stunning garden shen is created from an old school, really beautiful and created with love.  Flicker

Like something out of a fairy tale this green house is spectacular.....Inspiration Green

Limited space? No problem, build smailler green house.  Grow Your Own

Tiny but beautiful greenhouse...Dishfunctional Designs

For more diy greenhouse ideas check out Plastic Greenhouses

Plastic Greenhouses, Unbelievable DIY Greenhouse Ideas

Start growning those organic plants in state of art plastic greenhouses.  Collect 1500 bottles and build your own diy green house.

Reap, a Scottish charity inspired this project to build a green house with 1500 plastic mineral bottles. Download the pdf from Reap.

Create minature greenhouses with old plastic mineral bottles, simple and effective idea if space is limited and to get kids involved.  Container Gardener.

Artisic designed greenhouse @ Travel Blog.org

Inventive folks have designed the roof of this green house to collect rain water.  Making Sense of Things

Students at Braehead Primary used 1178 plastic bottles to build a green house. CCI Web

Who needs snow to build an Igloo......;)))) Creating Questions..

All these plastic green houses prove that there is never a lack of resourses .....only a lack of Imagination.....
Put your thinking cap on and wash those green fingers......

How To Build A Table From Doors,Unbelievable Cool DIY Furniture Ideas 4 U...xx

I have to say a big Huge thank you to the WOW people out there who are so creative....Thank you , Thank you , Thank you,,,,I love looking up ideas for this site and sharing what I find....Each and every one of us can live in DREAM homes with the combined use of our imaginations.

Today is How to build a table from doors, honestly you will never look at a door in the same conventional way.......

DIY furniture taking over the world.....xx

Build a coffee table.

Leave the knobs and hinges on.
Cut door in 3 pieces, measure and draw straight line then cut with hand saw,or electric saw.
Join pieces with 4 brackets underneath.
Full instructions and more amazing ideas at Sweet Pickins Furniture.

Add legs to old door, paint if required.  That simple.  JCRabbit

 DIY furniture, cool coffee table instructions @ The Space Between Blog

Add legs reclaimed from old broken furniture to door, complement table with odd chairs for a quirkey contempory shabby chic twist.  Design Sponge

Is it a work desk? Is it a dining table for six? or is it an old street door?....... It's all 3, the creators at Manoteca devised this stunning creation.  Are you wowed?????

Ideal for outdoor patio furniture, in schools, think out side the box and use, reuse and recycle..WRW & CO

Oh Glory Vintage reclaimed an old bard door, added the storage part using a pallet.  New legs and hindges.
Perfect eclectic piece to add style to any room

Barn door coffee table, great conversational piece.  Shineroriginals.com

Hope these diy furniture ideas on how to build a table for doors will get you inspired.  I am anyways, I've decided when I build my dream home.....which is still in Dream stages, I will furnish it completly with reclaimed, reused, upcycled stuff.......I just think that would make it an ever evolving home of inspiration.....and would be great craic to do......I will keep ye posted.....xx ;)

DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas,Upcycled Out Door Furniture Ideas

Get out and get that garden beautiful with fantastic diy outdoor furniture ideas, upcycled furniture ideas and much more.  ;))

Stunning range of eco friendly outdoor furniture created and inspired at Canvaschic.

Created by Tom Ballinger at Upcycled Garden Style a unique and quirkey way to use up old jeans, tie legs with string and line with bin liners, fill with soil.  To reinfourse leg strength, place bamboo poles to support.  Plant grasses or what ever you like, stunning.....

Cement block planters, novel way to add height and structure to planting display, Entrapped Spaces

Recycle all those old wine bottles and create a beautiful garden wall, create holes using a diamond drill bit, and create your own design.  Up Cycled Garden Style

Pallet garden furniture, is a great eco friendly way to create diy out door furniture that will also be a conversational piece.  Zodio 

Did you ever think pallets could be so versatile, more inventive ideas from Follow Pics. 

 Garden furniture made from sleepers, use new sleepers or old salvadges ones, Kropf.com.au

Too Cool, bath tubs turned in to contemporary garden furniture, Tumble.

Garden furniture made from skiis.  Snow Shack

Custom design chairs with golf clubs. I Design Arch

Recycled Crafts For Kids

Recycled crafts for kids tick all the boxes. Keep kids entertained for hours, happy and busy using their minds and hands to create something new and beautiful from old stuff.

Felting and kniting, easy to do and is guatanteed too keep kids and you happy.  

Indian headdress, made from scrap pieces of wool and felt. 

Upcycle Milk Cartons.

Recycle crayons @ Moms go Green 

  1.         Remove paper from old broken crayons.
  2.         Add broken pieces to bun cases, place in oven tray and bake for 15 mins @ 225 degrees.
  3.         Allow to cool and hey presto, cool crayons.

Egg carton flowers, idea thanks to Sonya Nimri.  Egg cartons are probably one of the easiest recycle crafts for kids.  Easy to work with and find, with a little imagination, transform them in to flowers, lights, as seed planters and anything else you can dream.

Carbboard boxes, cereal boxes and old milk cartons can create circus, zoo and farm animals Mr Printables 

Cardboard made from cereal carton, toilet roll holder and sticky tape. @ Looledo

Just a box, and great imagination.  Thanks all @ Hinternat

Robots made from tin can, too cool, fun to create and perfect recycle craft ideas for kids. Lucky Boy

Rock on, great way to keep kids busy for hours recycling the garden stones to monsters, they could sell these too.  Bine-Braendle.de

Make puppets ...Bine-braendle.de

Recyled sock puppet, I know we all made these as kids.  Sometimes we just need a reminder to have fun from the simple things.  Craft Jr.

Coloured water, plastic bottles and a ball.  Instantly add fun and creativity to all kids partys.  Parents.com

Bird feeder @ Organic Valley

Wool ornaments for decorating. @ Circul Magic

Lolly pop sticks, an oldie and still a goodie.Color Conceptions.

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