How To Make Papier Mache Fruit Bowl

The following is an interview with Claire, a friend who is skilled at Making Papier Mache, Decoupage and Up Cycling various other items. 

"Papier Mache is simple if rather labourious, maybe one of the most simple and effective items to make with papier mache is a fruit bowl." :)

how to make papier mache
Papier Mache Bowl

How To Make Papier Mache Fruit Bowl

1. Cover chosen mould ( Bowl ) with cling film.

2. Make flour and water paste.  About 2tbls of flour to 2 mugs of water.
    Should be a fairly thick consistancy, whisk the lumps out.

3. Soak inch pieces of newspaper in the solution.

4. When throughly soaked apply one layer to the mould.  Allow to dry over night.

5. Continue layering until you feel you have sufficant layers.  Repeating step 4.

6. When dry, paint with water based emulsion.

7. Decorate with decoupage cut outs.

8. When dry finish with water based varnish.

The end.

Also from Claire.
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