How To Do Decoupage, 2nd Interview With Claire.

Claire's first interview was how to make papier mache, this is Claire's guide on how to do decoupage.

how to do decoupage

"Decoupage, for grown ups who never had stickers as kids" ;))
Possible to create very individual photo frames, mirrors and bread bins.

What's needed.

Old wooden frame
Stickers, small images, and/or cut outs of pictures from magazines.
PVA glue.

What to do
1. Paint old frame in dark  vintage/heritage colours to enhance decoupage pictures.
    Give two coats of paint, lightly sanding between coats.
2. Allow dry throughly, apply pictures with PVA glue.
   Use random pic's or themes, ie flowers, butterflies, birds etc.
3. Varnish when you are happy with the pictures.

The end.

Also from Claire,
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