How To Make A Pallet Coffee Table. Step By Step Video.

The steps on how to make a pallet coffee table.  Cool quirky and an inexpensive way to turn old pallets into functional and practical pieces.

Watch Video on How To Make Pallet Coffee Table.

Upcycled Clothing Ideas, Amazing and Inspirational Upcycling Ideas To Transform Your Clothes

Discover upcylcing clothing ideas that will inspire you transform all old and unwanted clothes, unleash the fashionesta inside and start creating.  Adding buttons, altering hems, merging two garmets will instantly change the look.

 Commissioned by Envirosax, Israeli designer Amit Ayalon created this stunning ensemble. The jacket, bodice, skirt and back piece are made from a lightweight polyester, eco friendly bags. Becoming Silhouettes is her design label.

Stasha Pistacho create this upcycled dress from newspapers and bin bag liners.

Alina Ionescu Design creates stunning one off or small series in steampunk, neo victorian and gypsy style. 

The following are designs by Anna, Upcycled clothing, creative and stunning.  Shop Cutrag Etsy.

Upcycled eco friendly shabby chic clothing designed and created by Anna @ Cutrag Etsy

Recycle Wood, This Completely Captures Seeing The Beauty and Potential With In Wood

I am not sure if the following is totally upcycling or recycling.  But because the following is so breathtaking and stunning, and this is my site, the buck stops with me.  I am including it as recycle wood.  Usually we would use old roots of a tree as kindling or for structures in the garden for plants to grow over. 

Abdul Ghofur of Indonesia, recycles wood in the form of reclaimed teak tree roots and transforms them in to sculptures that nearly appear to be breathing. 

They are a WOW.
 Stunning, as they say a picture says a thousand words...........

Artist Abdul Ghofur @

Yep, just a WOW.  

How To Do Decoupage, 2nd Interview With Claire.

Claire's first interview was how to make papier mache, this is Claire's guide on how to do decoupage.

how to do decoupage

"Decoupage, for grown ups who never had stickers as kids" ;))
Possible to create very individual photo frames, mirrors and bread bins.

What's needed.

Old wooden frame
Stickers, small images, and/or cut outs of pictures from magazines.
PVA glue.

What to do
1. Paint old frame in dark  vintage/heritage colours to enhance decoupage pictures.
    Give two coats of paint, lightly sanding between coats.
2. Allow dry throughly, apply pictures with PVA glue.
   Use random pic's or themes, ie flowers, butterflies, birds etc.
3. Varnish when you are happy with the pictures.

The end.

Also from Claire,
How To Make Papier Mache

How To Make Papier Mache Fruit Bowl

The following is an interview with Claire, a friend who is skilled at Making Papier Mache, Decoupage and Up Cycling various other items. 

"Papier Mache is simple if rather labourious, maybe one of the most simple and effective items to make with papier mache is a fruit bowl." :)

how to make papier mache
Papier Mache Bowl

How To Make Papier Mache Fruit Bowl

1. Cover chosen mould ( Bowl ) with cling film.

2. Make flour and water paste.  About 2tbls of flour to 2 mugs of water.
    Should be a fairly thick consistancy, whisk the lumps out.

3. Soak inch pieces of newspaper in the solution.

4. When throughly soaked apply one layer to the mould.  Allow to dry over night.

5. Continue layering until you feel you have sufficant layers.  Repeating step 4.

6. When dry, paint with water based emulsion.

7. Decorate with decoupage cut outs.

8. When dry finish with water based varnish.

The end.

Also from Claire.
How To Do Decoupage.

How To Do Paper Mache Book Shelf - Repurpose Furniture Quickly And Create Stunning Effects

Are you a fan of repurposed furniture, want to know how to do paper mache book shelf ? I have this book shelf for many years, in fact it was in the shed.  It needed a face lift, doing paper mache is one of the fastest ways to transform and give new life.



Book Shelf
Old annual or comic books
Wall paper paste.
Basin (To mix paper mache )
Clear varnish. 

1. Cut pages from annual.
2. Mix wall paper paste as per instruction on packet.
3. Add paper to basin with paste to soak for 5 mins.

4. Place soaked pages on book shelves.

5. Keep addin pages until book case covered.

   Note...If shelves are removable, take them out to cover with paper mache,
    replace when bookcase is covered.

6. Leave to dry.

7.  Varnish to seal and protect

Add books, frames and lamp.  Finished..

Other paper mache ideas............................................

Hope you are inspired, paint, papering, and paper mache will achieve stunning results, let your imagination run wild.  Other items that would look great are bed side lockers, cover old kitchen units wilth cook books.  Kitchen chairs, tables, look on gumtree for people giving away furniture and then transform it.

Comic books, magazines, foot ball books, cars, tailor make items as gifts.  the options are endless and the time flies when you are busy giving new life to old items.

How To Make A Lamp, DIY Lamps For Kids And Big Kids

Step by step guide on how to make a lamp, I created this diy lamp the other day, and took photos of the process, so hopefully you can follow them and be inspired to make your own lamp.

Paper mached a toy digger, added a light fitting and an old toy gets a new  lease of life. 

Tools and Supplies Needed

Old magazines, or  old annual or newspaper.
Digger. (Toy
Wall paper paste
Light fitting ( I used an under counter lamp because it does not become too hot and melt plastic)
Needle and thread. (You'll see why)
Music ;)

First, make a cup of tea, relax and enjoy, this is a labour of love, enjoy.

When you see how easy it is to transform old toys and house hold objects with paper mache you will be a paper mache fanatic..

The options a endless.  Paper mache shelves, furniture, boxes, glass jars, garden furniture, what ever, seal with varnish for a long lasting durable finish.  It a wow.

Second, drill holes to feed the cable through.

 Feed cable through,  bulb in bucket.

 It was a little tricky getting the wire to feed through the arms of the digger. To guide the cable, tie thread to end, I used a needle as a weight to guild the thread through the drilled holes.

When the two wires were visible through the hole, grasp with pliers.

When cable is in place, mix wall paper paste and add paper.
 Helper is optional. 

 Paste paper to digger.

 Allow to dry. Add plug.

The End.

How to do paper mache shelves
Repurpose Tires
Recycled Crafts


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