Upcycling Cutlery Ideas - Repurposed - Upcycled - Unbelievable

Want upcycling cutlery ideas that will make you want to empty out those kitchen drawers and start creating.  Checkout flea markets, charity stores and flea markets to find miss/matched pieces and make great conversation pieces for your home, make gifts and or start your own home based business.

The Cutlery Chair.
Probably not the easiest of ideas to create at home but it does open our minds to the possibilities of what we can create when see past what is and allow our imaginations to flow.  Oisin Batyka Williams designer, teacher and visionary can transform every day items and create a more beautiful world to live in.

Osian Batyka Williams

Funky Style.
There is a story attached to the following picture, a few years ago I was on holiday in New York, and yes it was fab.  My delima was to find something made in NY to bring home, I could not find any thing that did not cost an arm and leg.  Eventually I found this frame which I have to admit was worth the wait.  Since then I have fallen in love with the designs of Diane Markin, hand made in Calafornia.

 Later I found a frame made with recycled New York Glass.(beautiful)
The moral of the story is "Seek and ye shall find" ;)

The Eagle has landed.
Cutlery bird created by recycling artist Tom Sheerin. Wow......

Tom Sheerin

Sayaka Ganz Reclaimed Creations
Sayaka reclaimed sculptures captures the essence of energy in motion.  Amazing....

Spoon Hooks 

Jewellery Trees.
Functional and fab, silver cutlery, tea and coffee pots create stunning jewellery trees.  

Mirror Mirror
Calaforian Mom bev creates works of art from her home and shares tuitorials.  Great ideas.....
Starburst Mirror

I Love You To the Moon And Back Spoon 

Fork Bracelet.

Cutlery Jewellery
Cool bracelets, chains and other items to inspire.

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