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Looking for DIY Lamp ideas, funky lamps you can make at home.  Contemporary table lamps, cool floor lamps, be inspired.  Allow your creative juices  flow when you surround your self with stunning transformed house hold objects.

Decanter Twist 
Lee Broom an exciting artist and designer, stunning upcycling creations include cut glass decanters transformed in to beautiful overhead lighting. 

Lee Broom

Transform Trased Toys To Create Stunning Table Lamps for Bedrooms.
View those broken toys, collectables with Mc Donnels Kiddies meals, and unwanted toys in a new light.  Create a state of art table lamp, this beautiful gold based lamp is created with loads of small soilders and action men, the possibilities are endless.  Your kid may no longer want to play with the toys but a part of them will alway a soft spot for their favourite action figures.  

recycled toy lamp

Using unconventional ideas and thinking out side the box people can come up with truely amazing designs.  Rodney Allen Trice creator of T.O.M.T. specializes in transforming mumdane house hold objects in to key pieces in a room design.  

Recycled Unique and Functional Wine Bottles. 
David Guilfoose designs and reuses wine bottles in a way to add sparkle to your home.  In the words of David " I believe that recycling is essentially a creative endeavor and that we are inhibited only by the limits of our own imagination. Green Wine Bottle Sculptures celebrate this power to transform the world around us."

Green Wine Bottles. 

Turn upcycling old pieces of metal in to an art form.
This piece is part of a larger collection, Deep Sea “Creatures of the Deep. Proving  with a little imagination any old junk can be transformed in to function and beautiful items.

Reporposed Artifacts
Conant Metal and Light, a company featuring a band of creative visionaries who repurpose eveyday objects to illumination sculptures.  They repurpose interesting artifacts in to functional table lamps, floor lamps and overhead lighting. 

Repurposed/ Upcycled Pipes.
Clear out those blocked pipes, transforming them to practical and beautiful lamps and lighting. 


Repurposed Phone.
Just to prove any house hold item can be given new life.  Film Biz Recycling is a non profit organization which creates jobs and helps prevent polution by recycling goods to practical, beautiful junctional pieces which appeal to young and old.

More from Flim Biz Recycling.

Flim Biz Recycling

Contemporary Cassette Tapes.
 Vanesa Moreno Serna designs cool table and floor lights made from recycled cassettes.  


  1. That angler fish lamp is freakin' sweet, although I'd never want it in my house lol. It'd be a cool piece for a bar or something though.

    Sarah |

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